Deep Tray (DT): Serves 40-50 People
Medium Tray (MT): Serves 25-30
PeopleSmall Tray(ST): Serves 10-15 People
Veg Pokora$80$65$55
Paneer Pakora$190$135$100
Veg Samosa$1 per count
Papdi Chat$90$70$60
Chicken Chill or Chicken 65$120$85$75
Mixed Achar$80$65$55
Beaten Rice (Chiura)$70$50$35
MoMo$ 1 each piece
Rice SpecialitiesDTMTST
White Rice$75$65$50
Pilau Rice$80$70$55
Veg Biryani$100$85$65
Chicken Biryani$140$100$55
Lamb/Goat Biryani$150$120$70
Shrimp Briyani$175$135$85
Veg Chowmein$120$70$50
Vegetable SpecialtiesDTMTST
All Veg Dishes from Menu$80$65$55
Matter Paneer$100$85$65
Kadai Paneer$120$90$75
Paneer Makhani$120$90$75
Non - Vegetable SpeciatiesDTMTST
Chicken Curry$120$80$65
Butter Chicken | Chicken Tikka Masala | Chicken Karahi$130$100$85
Chicken Vindaloo$120$95$75
Goat Curry$180$150$100
Goat or Lamb Karahi$190$160$110
Lamb Curry | Lamb Vindaloo$150$120$75
Chicken Chowmein$140$90$60
Tandoori SpecialitiesDTMTST
Tandoori Chicken$140$90$75
Chicken Tikka Kabab$150$100$85
Chicken Seekh Kabab$130$100$85
Lamb Boti$170$115$95
Lamb Chops$200$175$150
Shrimp Chowmein$170$100$80
Rice Pudding$100$85$65
Gulab Jamun$ 2 per count
Gajar Halwa$150$130$100
Rasmalai$3 per count
Naan$1 per count
Naan$1 per count
Soft Drinks (Can)$per count/ can
Mango Lassi$3 per glass (10 OZ)
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Dear Valued Customers!

Due to the increasing severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to close the restaurant until further notice to adhere to the guidelines put by the CDC and Virginia Health Department. We hope this situation will pass soon, and we can reopen to serve you again. Thank you for your continued support. Stay Healthy!

Tandoori Nights Fairfax
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